Wharton Nursery - CW7 3HN

All About S4YC @ Wharton Nursery! - Operating from September 2023 - Further Information to Follow.

Wharton Nursery is located next to Willow Wood Primary School, within Wharton Children’s Centre, just off Bradbury Road. The nursery is within a short distance of the Winsford Industrial Estate and within 2 miles of the Town Centre. 

All of our staff are fully qualified in Childcare and Early Years Education, and our nursery manager is a qualified Early Years Teacher with a BA (Hons) in Early Years Education. 

Our purpose built building has high ceilings and floor to ceiling windows to provide plenty of sunlight. We highly recommend coming to have a look around as photos simply cannot do our space justice!

The nursery is a single storey, fully accessible building split in to 3 rooms:

Baby Room:

For children under 2 years old, our Baby Room is the perfect place for your little one to develop their confidence! The room is separate from the rest of the nursery, with it's own changing room, kitchen, sleep room and outdoor area, which allows the younger children to enjoy a quieter, more relaxed environment of their own. Our Baby Room is designed to encourage independence, with suitable resources available for children to access as and when they choose. Our fully trained and highly skilled staff have many years experience of supporting babies development, and provide a variety of exciting and engaging invitations to play that will capture any child's interest! Our baby room caters from children from 3 months to 2 years, and have spaces for 9 babies with 3 members of staff. 

Toddler Room:

Our Toddler Room is home to children aged between 2 and 3 years who are becoming more independent. Our bright and airy room provides plenty of space for children to explore, investigate and burn off some energy. We encourage children's natural curiosity and excitement through a range of activities and experiences, supported by skilled staff who are able to scaffold children's learning and development. Children in the Toddler Room begin to learn about routines as they develop their social skills and begin to make friends. We have spaces for 16 toddlers with 4 members of staff. 


Children in our Preschool room are between 3 and 5 years old and are inquisitive and energetic explorers! Our large, open plan space gives children enough room to play and learn both independently and in larger groups. Children are getting ready for the transition to school and begin to join in with new activities such as phonics groups to support this. Our skilled preschool staff provide a wide variety of play opportunities for children based around their interests, with carefully considered learning opportunities embedded in all areas of the room. We have close links with the local primary schools within the local area. We have spaces for 32 preschool children with 4 members of staff, led by our Early Years Teacher.

Address: S4YC @ Wharton Nursery, Bradbury Road, Winsford, CW7 3HN.

Opening Hours: 8.00am-6.00pm