Welcome to iPEPlanner, the UK's first fully interactive P.E. Planner, Tracker and Assessment Tool.


Would you like to be able to plan Outstanding Ofsted approved P.E. lessons for the entire year in a matter of minutes? Do you find you are always struggling for time? Would you like to be able to assess your students in real time as they carry out their PE lessons and generate reports? You can do all this and more with the innovative iPEPlanner from iPEP.

The iPEPlanner has been specifically designed to provide schools and teachers with an interactive online planning tool to facilitate in the planning and teaching of their PE lessons. With its wide variety of features and straightforward, easy to use navigation, the benefits of iPEPlanner really do speak for themselves. The system is designed to massively reduce the amount of hours teachers have to spend planning their PE timetables and also assist them to be much more effective and efficient in the monitoring and assessment of their students. iPEPlanner incorporates reception base lines, KS1 and KS2 minimum standards.

The creators of iPEP have over 20 years of experience teaching PE within schools and are still teaching, their specialist coaching styles are different to the mainstream but have proven results recognised as Outstanding by Ofsted and highly valued by the schools in which they teach.

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