Bromborough Day Nursery, Bromborough, CH62 7BW


Our Bromborough nursery is based next to the Bromborough Children's Centre providing places for children 0-5 years of age, all year round.

The nursery consists of three genrous size rooms, a baby room for 0-2 years, a toddler room for 2-3 years and a preschool room for 3-5 year olds...

Room 1.jpeg  Room 2.jpeg  Room 3.jpeg

Room5.jpeg  Room 6.jpeg

Room 7.jpeg  Room 9.jpeg  Room 10.jpeg

All rooms have access to a lovely outdoor area with artificial grass, climbing/play frames and lots of equipment to stimulate play and development...

Preschool Garden 4.jpeg

Preschool Garden2.jpeg Presschool Garden1.jpeg Preschool Garden.jpeg

Dependant on you child's develpment we may move them up to a room early, this is to support on-going learning and ensure your child is suitable engaged and challenged.

All fees are inclusive of snacks, freshly cooked luch and consumables.  Parents need to supply their own formula milk if required.

We accept funded sessions for 2-4 year olds.

For more information pop in for a look around or contact the nursery directly: e-mail: [email protected] / tel:  0333 1881003.


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