Welcome Back

Date: 14th Sep 2021 @ 11:24pm


After a very successful holiday club where we went 'globe-trotting' around the world (in and art and craft type of a way!) we are back to what feels like some long-awaited normality ... all be it a 'new normal'.  Having cautiously burst out of our year group bubbles, staff and children are adapting to the luxury of more freedom (although we are attempting to stay in key stage zones where possible).  With things continuing to change by the day, we are still airing on the side of caution, following government/school guidelines, and changing the set-up of club so may have to accommodate the occasional 'break-out bubble' as and when needed.

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Despite already knowing the large percentage of our reception children from preschool, it is lovely to have so many new children this early on into the new school year.  Without exception, all children have settled in amazingly well and it hasn't taken any time at all for all the unique characters to come shining through.  We are also thrilled to be taking full advantage of our newly decorated seedlings room ... who know a new floor could bring with it so much joy??!!

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It has taken a little longer for some of our more established children to adapt to the new routine as bubbles and staggered start times etc. had become a way of life, but we are all slowly but surely adapting and finding a fine balance between safety and free play and, considering how busy we have been (especially during breakfast club) children are quickly demonstrating that they are able to enjoy some more freedom whilst continuing to keep everyone safe.

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One of the highlights of club so far has been reuniting with some of our favourite toys such as the role play vets (those animals have never been so well looked after), our puppets 'Scruffy Alice' and 'Clean Mary', the Barbie dolls and accessories (we are incidentally in the process of replacing the ones who were subjected to haircuts last year in order to make them covid safe!!) and we are working our way through the dressing up box a bit at a time (after a year they need a bit of freshening up!!)

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From a crafting perspective we have been mainly concentrating on a 'getting to know you/all about me' theme and have enjoyed drawing family portraits, making 'my reflection' mirrors, colouring 'all about me' rainbows, making 'mini me' paper bag puppets and celebrating the day we were born by making ourselves birthday cards!!!  

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As we continue through the month we will be discussing and establishing some club rules, celebrating friendships old and new, putting some of our worries to bed by making 'worry monsters' and 'stress balls' then creating some individual goals before heading into October.

As well as our usual arts and craft activities, staff and children are already looking forward to a number of theme nights and will be starting off with a week-long 'space' theme where we will have the opportunity to get messy making 'galactic slime' and 'moon sand' as well as making commits, going on a space related 'star-hunt' and decorating rocket inspired cookies.  Other theme nights include a 'Woodland's Got Talent' evening and a special 'I'm A Celebrity' inspired after school session (don't forget to send your child into club with a jam jar on that day - I still have plenty of stick insects in need of a good home!!!)

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Despite none of our sports coaches being able to join us last week for unforeseen circumstances, we still managed to go ahead with street dance, football, and dodgeball thanks to the hidden talents of our afterschool team.  Children and staff had a fabulous time, and the feedback has been really positive, so we look forward to welcoming back our sports coaches for this week's sessions.  So far, we have been lucky with the weather, but we do have a backup plan (i.e. the junior hall) should we not be so lucky over the next few weeks.

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I am sure you will already be aware that we are running an October half term holiday club this year which promises to be filled with additional activities alongside the usual arts, crafts, sport, and free play.  There are a number of theme days including trips to Anfield and 'inflatable' days so please check out the holiday club page of our website for further details.  Don't forget to book early to take full advantage of any discounts. BOOK HERE