October 2023 (@ Whitby Heath)

Date: 23rd Oct 2023 @ 11:32am



So, I am pleased to say that we have made it to half term in one piece and, looking back, have achieved so much.  As a club we have made lots of new friendships and the relationships between staff, parents and children are growing stronger by the day. 

Towards the end of September, we continued to get to know all about each other by creating family trees as well as making the most of what was left of the ‘warm’ if not a little windy weather as we embarked on some child-initiated games of ‘kite tag’ outdoors (rather them than me!!)

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We celebrated the first day of Autumn with some yummy Autumn cupcake/biscuit decorating before embarking on a month filled with Autumn inspired activities.

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We started October by making some Halloween countdown calendars whilst the more active of us enjoyed an indoor game of dodgeball due to the horrible weather outdoors.  We also observed ‘World Space Week’ at the start of the month and had a fabulous time making outer space pictures with puffy paint – even if the activity did only last 5 minutes (with staff cleaning up for the remaining 2hrs 55mins of the session!!)

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Our reception children have settled in really well and are now confident enough to explore everything on offer without hesitation whether it be drawing, dressing up, construction or even the odd game of pool.  They are even confident enough to have a go at some new board games … even if they do make up ALL of their own rules!!!

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Another bright spell of weather came perfectly well timed for children to try out some of the new activities painted on the school playground (I have never seen so much spinning and jumping) so we embraced the opportunity and got out some hoops and ribbons to enhance the children’s play.  It wasn’t long before children were up on the outdoor stage sharing their talents with all!!

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When faced with the challenge of 'changing rooms', I was impressed no end at how, when in a classroom with a white board, every child suddenly has a newfound love for either practicing their times tables or reading encyclopaedias!!  We also utilised the opportunity to create some wooden scarecrow puppets (that had kindly been donated).  Many thanks go to Birch class for being so accommodating whilst our usual space was busy hosting parents evening.

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As you know, we were paid a visit last week from a very special guest (sadly not Santa Claus) who chatted with staff, children and parents within club and preschool.  We are delighted with the feedback we received and look forward to sharing the outcome with you once the Ofsted report is officially released in a couple of weeks.

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As I write this, children are enjoying a busy week of half term holiday club, and I am technically on annual leave so will get back to putting my feet up and knitting some bunting for our club house (which incidentally already has the addition of fairy lights at the request of the children!!)


I look forward to seeing you all back at club in a week’s time when Halloween will be upon us (which reminds me, I better get a stock of goodies in ready for those trick or treaters!)

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