October 2020

Date: 21st Oct 2020 @ 12:12pm

Well, despite all our worries and concerns about how we were going to manage a club with all the restrictions put in place due to Covid-19, we have safely made it to October half term without too much of a hitch! Children have adapted extremely well to their bubbles, social distancing, and hand washing routines whilst staff have setting up/packing away and staggered pickups/drop offs down to a tee.  Recognising all the parents whilst hiding behind a face covering has made home time a bit of a challenge but it is now becoming much easier to recognise people by their eyes alone.

As we approach 'lockdown 2' we aim to keep club open but there may be a few restrictions regarding numbers and last minute bookings so please be sure to read any correspondence you receive over the next day or two.


It has been great to see the different groups of children get so engrossed in the toys available to them.  Who knew giant Jenga could be so much fun (or create so much noise!!) Children have made the most of the toys in their bubbles each week whilst patiently waiting for Friday 'toy swap' day (where they choose which toys are going into quarantine ready to be exchanged the following week).  There have been a couple of new purchases such as extra marble runs, jigsaws (where do those missing pieces go to??!!), zooballs and a new dolls house so, all in all, we appear to be on the right tracks. 


Disappointed that the Barbie dolls weren't Covid-safe (i.e. they had fabric clothes and hair) year 4 cleverly adapted to the situation by removing each doll's hair and drawing on their clothes with marker pen.  It's fair to say the dolls have never looked better (??!!) and the children had great fun giving them a much needed make over!!

Most of the activities on offer throughout October have been based around an Autumn theme.  Children have made Autumn crowns, leafy masks, owl puppets, harvest baskets and seasonal pumpkin window art.  They have also enjoyed the odd Autumn scavenger hunt around the school outdoor area, using their findings to create even more artwork. 




With Halloween just around the corner children have enjoyed some spooky arts and crafts including skull bead bracelets but it seems that no matter what you give them Halloween is the theme of the week - even the Gruffalo was coloured in red as it was transformed from a furry brown creature to the Devil!!




Last week's Harry Potter holiday club was a bit thin on the ground which was to be expected with the current restrictions/guidelines etc. but, with children being hooked on the books, there was great fun had by all who did attend. One of the benefits of a quiet holiday club is the fact that we are left with a spare bag of resources at Woodlands ... would seem a shame to waste it!!!


As we move into November, there are a number of celebrations/remembrances that we will be looking at including Day of the Dead, Bonfire Night, Remembrance Day, Children in Need, Diwali, St Andrew's Day.  We will also be having a look at anti-bullying in conjunction with anti bullying week starting 16th November.


Once again, thank you all for your continued support and patience as we adapt (again) to a new way of doing things.  Stay Safe!!