Let the Countdown to Summer Begin ...!!!

Date: 6th Jun 2022 @ 11:59am

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No sooner than Easter was over, and we were straight back into club and excited to have some unexpected warm weather to take us through to the end of April.  Den making became popular, with additional supplies bought to make den making a possibility not only outside in the sun but also inside (when the weather wasn't quite so 'den friendly')  Don't get me wrong, the children had some ingenious den making ideas for indoor play but stapling sheets to the wall with the suggestion of using the mat stand to hold up the random duvet covers wasn't always going to end well so the purchase of a couple of wendy house type structures was money well spent.

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Role play and outdoor play also continued to be favourites amongst the children with the role play school being joined by a post office and veterinary clinic (although the wad of pretend money didn't last quite as long as we had anticipated!!) 

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The Queen's 96th birthday celebration lent itself well to a number of 'pre-jubilee' arts and crafts with children taking part in a Queen's Portrait competition (thanks to the added motivation of a 'post-Easter' box of cream eggs). Huge congratulations to Chloe for creating the winning portrait.

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April also saw children create a number of beautiful crafts inspired by butterflies, birds and flowers, not forgetting our annual 'April Showers bring May Flowers' umbrella craft (which was later photographed by one of the children using a touch of antibac spray to add a dampened and more authentic look to the finished umbrellas!!)  Playdough proved to be a big hit with all ages as did cake decorating which was done outside in the beautiful sunshine alongside lots of outdoor play, plenty of 'scooting' on our newly acquired scooters and the occasional snack time picnics.

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May brought with it a number of 'special days' starting with Star Wars Day, Cinco de Mayo and World Bee Day to name a few.  As we got close to The Queen's Platinum Jubilee, we interspersed royal crafts and activities with bulb planting, wool crafts (who knew pom poms could be so much fun??!!), bracelet making, and hama beads...   

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...as well as tennis, football and a selection of Summer sports for the more energetic of us!!

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As Jubilee was imminent, the week prior to breaking up for half term saw children take part in all sorts of crafts including mask making, crown decorating, bookmark crafts, flags, bunting, and corgi brooch making. 

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Our Jubilee week culminated in a fabulous party with coronation music, bunting, balloons, flags and competitions as well as a yummy afternoon tea comprising of sandwiches, scones, decorated cakes and ice cream ... of course!!!

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