Happy Easter

Date: 28th Mar 2024 @ 4:12pm



It feels like it has been a relatively short half term but, despite this, we have still managed to cram in all sorts of activities and are enjoying more and more opportunities to get outside now that the days are drawing out. 

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With valentine's day and half term behind us, we were a bit stuck for themes on which to base our activities so were lucky to stumble across 'Polar Bear Day'.  Having printed out a number of polar bear colouring sheets, it soon became obvious that a white polar bear didn't require a great deal of colouring, but the children embraced the challenge and, with the help of some cotton wool, artificial snow and a couple of balloons, managed to exceed all expectations in what they created!!

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St Davids Day is always a lovely day to celebrate.  Not only do we get to learn a little bit about the children's links with Wales, but there is nothing more springlike than a daffodil so, even though it was cold and wet outside, we were able to bring a bit of spring sunshine indoors.

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Mother's Day biscuits was also a firm favourite this half term (you can never go wrong with a food-based activity at Whitby Heath).  Having iced the biscuits and decorated them with sprinkles galore we kindly popped the biscuits in a bag (no-one ever thanks us for sprinkles in the back of the car!!)   I can't promise that all the biscuits made it as far as the children's mum's and loved ones ... but the thought was there!!

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During March we also celebrated Commonwealth Day by painting some of the flowers of the commonwealth ...

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... dressed in red and decorated some cupcakes for Comic Relief Day ...

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... made wands and went on a 'lucky pot of gold' hunt for St Patrick's day as well as celebrating 'World Sleep Day' by creating our very own dream jars.

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Due to popular demand, we even tried our hand at crochet (but I think this may be a work in progress with a lot of help from YouTube!!!)


With Easter just around the corner, we spent the latter part of term getting into the Easter spirit by planting our very own little Easter (cress) gardens, decorating eggs, making cards, and mixing up some (obligatory) chocolate nests.  Finally, we ventured on our annual egg hunt. Let's just say, finding the eggs isn't the tricky bit ... hiding them in plain sight without the children noticing is where true skill comes to play.  Luckily, we just about managed to find most of the eggs before we were subjected to a torrential downpour!!

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After weeks of guessing, I am glad to say that our Easter Bunny finally got a name resulting in 'Nibbles' going to a new home.  Thank you so much to everyone who took part - we love a competition at Whitby Heath and, if we manage to make a few pounds to treat the children at the same time, then all the better.  The only downside is that not everyone gets to win (if only I could afford prizes for everyone).  Luckily 'Nibbles' bumped into a couple of friends on his travels allowing 2 more children to go home with fluffy chicks named Coco and Buttons.


I'm sure there is lots more to tell you but, seeing as it is Easter weekend, I am signing off for a couple of days to recharge my batteries before Holiday Club.  All that's left to say is have a very Happy Easter and see you in a couple of weeks.

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