Goodbye November ... Hello December!!

Date: 4th Dec 2023 @ 11:00am



Firstly, please accept my apologies for the delay in producing this blog.  Due to an unfortunate incident involving my ipad (on which I take ALL the photos) the simplest of jobs have been taking three times as long as usual but I am glad (and extremely proud) to say that, after a couple of attempts (and a lot of help from YouTube), I have managed to replace the smashed screen and it is business as usual (it's amazing what skills you can pick up when you have to!!)

November has been jam packed with annual celebrations (almost too many to mention) so get yourself comfy ... there is a lot to get through. 

No sooner than Halloween was behind us than we were straight into the Mexican celebration of Dia de Muertos and an array of colourful sugar skull crafts, closely followed by Bonfire Night and firework crafts and sparkly pens galore.

IMG_0695.JPG IMG_0705.JPG

IMG_0711.JPG IMG_0710.JPG IMG_0745.JPG

IMG_0911.JPG IMG_0914.JPG IMG_0912.JPG IMG_0915.JPG

Bonfire night led nicely into Diwali and the Celebration of Light, which we were able to touch on briefly before focusing on Remembrance Day where the children made paper poppies, window art, recycled nightlight holders and a beautiful piece of fabric poppy art (which I will be finishing off on the sewing machine as part of Christmas holiday homework!!)

IMG_0825.JPG IMG_0857.JPG IMG_0900.JPG IMG_0843.JPG

IMG_0865.JPG  IMG_0883.JPG 

In keeping with school's recognition of Anti-Bullying Week, children decorated socks made sock puppets and also took part in a poster competition. Many thanks to Mr Wright for taking on the difficult roll of VIP judge!!

IMG_0885.JPG IMG_0998.JPG IMG_0889.JPG IMG_0895.JPG

IMG_1001.JPG IMG_0898.JPG IMG_1002.JPG

As if one successful competition wasn't enough, we were also excited to hear news about our 'Design a Pet' competition.  Not only did everyone who took part receive a certificate, but we were also informed that they liked EVERY SINGLE ONE of our designs with all children having the option of their pet design being published in a very special book in the new year.  Well done to everyone who took part!!


Before the week was out, it was time to celebrate Children in Need by whipping up some Pudsey masks and biscuits...

 370108972_317705644378625_2494019653021204311_n.jpg 370122840_1381747749433005_146100944557289009_n.jpg 370139636_675284078043475_3976020296754488755_n.jpg

370238123_275357755481131_8503637689367326792_n.jpg 368557493_287704664239776_8983252747272136645_n.jpg 400439105_787259366501423_5741496981209116190_n.jpg 370139426_818208506743671_7989128121286575151_n.jpg

Thanksgiving, all be it primarily an American celebration, was a good opportunity to reflect on how fortunate we are and give thanks for what we have (as opposed to focusing on what we don't have).  The addition of a thankful tree to our 'seasons and celebrations' board will be added to throughout the year.

370197370_899144778217884_3014533771026581460_n(1).jpg 370217055_2103298223337631_8217195222483541989_n(1).jpg 371208051_858727802625030_4499504358976602270_n(1).jpg 405960873_2303004089896896_5822050882709470300_n.jpg

 400798876_655856723331631_8922130963495758081_n.jpg 406100805_3513757862211500_1474834614574159777_n.jpg 377149496_1089366862075742_6669578501018760319_n.jpg  

Last week brought with it our first spell of really cold weather (even the bike stayed at home as I braved the treacherous journey to school by foot).  In order to pre-empty the inevitable question about early morning outdoor play, I decided to put a note on the door ... no-one could have anticipated the uprising of opposition that would follow.  Even the addition of cartoons on the TV as an indoor treat didn't stop the 'sign here if you want to go outside' petitions. We have put the experience down to being a good lesson in democracy and British Values!

IMG_1031.JPG 400596408_338757438771361_1388914108276477414_n.jpg 400434558_733434011573613_2035600142538244777_n.jpg

We are proud to say that we managed to put off the majority of our Christmas crafts and activities off until December 1st where we made advent calendars and broke out the glitter to decorate our Christmas Tree masterpiece.  We can't wait to get stuck into all our other Christmas crafts and activities (and with just two weeks to squeeze them all in, it's going to be a very busy fortnight!)

400599276_915327883344287_5852402934426889749_n.jpg 400586634_1058476178804579_7102693637943341523_n.jpg 406115620_909780374130187_4017357553499320795_n.jpg

IMG_1035.JPG  400439107_748250503811819_7102243444155655583_n.jpg 400976234_861474165477118_5806027234706735354_n.jpg IMG_1027.JPG



- As you will be well aware, your little ones have been practicing extremely hard for their Christmas productions (and I am pretty sure I know every single song by heart) so, rather than get in the way, we will be relocating over to year 6 for a couple of afternoons (Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th).  We will pop a bell on the door and make sure that the necessary gates are open but suggest that you use the Wydale entrance (next to preschool).  If there are any changes, we will keep you updated via iPal.  

- As we head towards the last day of the school year, you will be pleased to know that we will remain open until 6pm.  We aim to have a bit of a 'Christmas Chill-Out' party with crafts, games, nibbles and a film. Children are free to bring a Christmassy change of clothes (if for no other reason than to make me feel less conspicuous in my elf jumper!)

- With term ending relatively early this Christmas, we are pleased to be able to offer childcare by way of a 'Christmas Around the World' holiday club from Monday 18th - Thursday 21st December. Due to essential maintenance at Whitby Heath we are having to relocate just down the road to Stanlaw Abbey Children's Centre, but the crafts and activities etc. will all remain the same.  Make sure you book and pay by 8th December to get your 20% discount (using the code DEC23)

- Finally, I would like to thank all our budding artists who have taken advantage of our Christmas Card fundraiser.  There is no specific 'cut off' date for returning designs/order forms, but I am due to take one or two days annual leave over the next couple of weeks (before it's too late!!) so if you can get them back to me asap that would be great.

Now let the Christmas Countdown commence ... !!

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